White Glove Moving and Storage pledges to try its best to protect your belongings, but sadly there are always variables that people can't control(i.e. alien abduction). So just to make sure that all the bases are covered White Glove provides comprehensive coverage to protect your belongings. For us, it's just another step in building a level of trust that keeps our customers coming back for more.

In general there are three types of moving insurance, we give you a brief summary and explanation of all three, but if you need to know more, feel free to contact us at anytime.

Required Mover Liability: All licensed movers must assume a liability of $0.60 per pound by law. This is often not enough. For example a very valuable painting that weighs 5 lb. would only be insured for $3, so movers will usually take on outside insurance to make sure that their most precious belongings are properly insured.

Baker Insurance: A highly recommended insurance company.

Homeowner's Coverage: Homeowner's insurance often covers the move as well. But, it is also common for only a certain percentage (10%-50%) of the full policy value to apply to a move. You can check with your insurance company to determine your exact coverage.

We know it would be unthinkable to lose something very valuable during a move, this is why we provide these insurance options, in the end they are for your protection. We understand that your possessions can hold a very dear place in your heart and White Glove will try to take care of them in every way possible.

Please Contact Us for more information and options.