White Glove Moving and Storage has made moving our hobby, our business, and our passion. We understand that for you it's relocation but for us, it's like rebirth. After fifteen years in the business we've learned a few tips tricks and general info that will make you almost as much of an expert as we are, if not more so. Whether you need help moving or packing , we've got tips and service for all your moving needs.

  • Make sure you choose a company that is established, reputable, and professional. We know the big name companies may have more money to buy a coveted commercial spot, but then the customer misses out on the personal touch White Glove has perfected over the years.
  • Make sure that the one you choose is registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT). It's the best way to avoid unnecessary hassles on the road.
  • Pick one that puts time and effort into its customer relations, has a history of success, and still promises a fair price for its services.
  • Most importantly, pick a company you trust, and one that respects you and your wishes, this is the key to good mover/customer relations, and an important part of a good move.